Show & Tell: Ember Project Night

This week’s instalment of Show & Tell is a slightly different one — Show My Homework hosted an @EmberLondon project night at our HQ, with Engineers, Sam and Miguel live coding during the event.

What happened during the Ember Meetup?

We slightly change the format of the meetup for this event — which is normally “bring your own project”. Instead we wanted to give a demo on “How to implement Ember Lazy Engines in your application”. The demo was a step by step live coding session delivered by Miguel Camba and Sam De Maeyer.

The outcomes of the Event

The Show My Homework Dev Team aimed to give a comprehensive code walkthrough so that the audience could implement engines in their own projects. The project can be found here

After the demo, the meetup turned out to be an exciting after work pizza fest where people shared their thoughts on the demo and the issues they may face while using Ember engines themselves. As we are hiring it was a really good opportunity to welcome such a great audience and promote our tech team.

Who attended

15 people attended the meetup which is the highest RSVP count ever for a project night. We were joined by enthusiastic engineers of all skills levels to learn more about this brand new addon which is being leveraged by prominent companies such as Linkedin and British Gas.

Fellow engineers, please find the hosted repository of the code from our live demo here:

And if you’re after the repository of the technology that we were leveraging in our demo, it’s right here:

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