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It’s so hard to picture this failing — the team around him, his talent and awareness/maturity, the social media platforms and strategy they already seem to have down. I fully expect after reading this he’ll be a big name is a few years.

The super long contract and future direction they go could be pitfalls considering he wants to trap rap and be gucci and they want more of a pop bieber. But that makes the idea of making “playlists” rather than albums interesting. I know Drake just said his upcoming drop is a playlist rather than an album and that’s the first time I’ve heard that so this could be the future direction for more artists. He sounds talented so I’m curious to see if he can really make a “one man playlist” type deal where he can transition from tap rapping, to pop, and other styles in between. Although that would make his concerts interesting if it’s all young girls.

That would be my biggest curiosity at this point. His team clearly wants to target the young bieber market and make pop while he wants to trap rap. Seeing if they really can strike that balance or if it ends up blowing up the team X number of years down the road will be interesting.

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