Stay Curious, lil one!

Well before becoming a mother, I hardly paid any heed to the word ‘Curious’. Of course I knew what it meant and all, but that’s it. End of story!

Then I became a MOM (or ‘maman’ as I am fondly called). Suddenly I had this little explorer who was all over the place exploring everything he could lay hands on. And on things he couldn’t, he found out ways: howling, pointing and crying — to name a few.

K is curious. That’s what I would say to anyone who would ask me how is my baby. Little did I know what curiosity was back then. But suddenly it dawned on me; it’s the biggest learning tool!

Babies are innately curious. They turn their little heads in the direction of sound, look without flitching at new faces and objects and try to grab anything and everything, whether in their reach or not. They are simply very very curious! And that is why they learn at an exceptional rate during these early years.

The sad part, however, is they loose this streak with time.

Reason? Well, one is that, not everything is as new and exciting.

Second, more alarming one is that we, as parents, do not cultivate and nurture curiosity. We get obsessed with ABC’s, math and what not in our attempt to make them smarter. I am not saying it is not important to learn these concepts, but they will eventually learn these anyway. Don’t forget, they learn language long before they can communicate. How? Just by being curious — about the sounds they hear, their surroundings, their environment and everything in between.

So ask them questions, tell them about everyday marvels they see and the world around them. Make them Curious and genius will follow!