Why the Left’s Next Best Step Is a Basic Income
Ash Engel

UBI is pipe dream. Two problems with it that no proponent of UBI has dared answered (at least to me). I suspect that they would just rather be in denial of these two Inconvenient Truths.

  1. Math. Specifically, the UBI Trinity Problem. 
  2. Politics. UBI depends upon the existing welfare state to be dismantled. This is to supply funding for UBI (but no enough, see above) and to make it a universal program similar to Social Security that the Right would not be able to fight against. The Left…especially the American Left will NOT tolerate killing Section 8, SNAP, Medicaid, and other programs where they derive a lot of political patronage from and not an undue amount of graft-taking in the form of the public sector union dues slushed into Democrat campaign coffers as well as ‘non-profit’ foundations sucking on the teets of those programs.

So, when those two problems are resolved get back to us.

Oh, and this is just a suggestion: lose the marxist BS, ok? Doesn’t serve your cause well. Besides, soon there will be no ‘working class’ because there will be hardly any workers anyway.

A better..and viable solution…would be in the form of Binary Economic policies. Such as the Fed issuing zero-interest loans to every American. These loans then invest in sable, safe and high dividend paying industries. The dividends therefrom then pay off the loan as well as provide income for said American. A person born now and getting control of the account at age 18 would be earning $25k/year. By 30, $55k or so. By retirement (which would be early) over $100k a year. And through the process, the concentration of ownership of the means of production will have shifted over the first twenty years to the majority of Americans owning the majority of the productive assets, too.

All w/o ‘class struggle’ and no forcible redistribution of assets and the fruits of one’s labor from those still magically employed.

But that makes too much sense….