I really like you. Will you be my valentine?” He proposed.
Yes I love you” She accepted!
I love you too” He smiled.

And with the fragrance of the valentines week breezing in, the small casual message conversation turned into a never ending chat.

Love is a magic!

With each passing moment, the surroundings seemed to be more and more graceful.Holding palms, clicking selfies, lunching together, all these were approaching them to visualize a new candid world.

But the thing left behind was just a real conversation where they could be just themselves(positive or negative) with all their choices, dreams, ambitions, vision and passion for life.

And then one day over a topic, when the actual personalities confronted the palms seemed to slip away!

All the “adorable memories” seemed drooping.

Nobody realized that they were so busy in making “love” that they never paid attention to the true faces of each other. They never allowed themselves to understand, accept and respect the other soul.

They were busy in their worlds where this attraction was just a miniature in life.

And shortly the heavenly to-be-forever love tale ended on a small sad note with tears

I felt everything yet nothing at all………..We were together but apart! Goodbye!

And the magic was felt to be just an illusion.