Are chatbots changing the way we communicate?

There has been numerous thesis written, books penned, and papers published on the subject of communication. The way humans have interacted with each other over the years has changed. What once began with engravings on stone surfaces, gradually evolved to include ink on plant stems and parchments. Eventually paper and pen gave way to telecommunication including television advertisements, print brochures, telephones, pagers, mobile phones, and others, right up to one medium that’s been trending. Take a wild guess. It’s the chatbots.

The way we search

Google plays such an imminent part of our daily lives. It’s nearly impossible to go one day without using the power of search to know the answer to a question. Need to know the tallest mountains on the planet? There’s Google. Want to skip back to the pages of history and figure out what happened to the dinosaurs? Google. The power root of twelve times twelve thousand? Google. Well, you get the drift. So, what’s changed? Well, according to experts, the entry of chatbot platforms may have and will be changing the way we search for information.


For starters, many believe that Google is inept at providing accurate results if the search information has many parameters. For example, if you’re trying to figure out how to file your taxes, all on your own, chances are you will need to some considerable time searching for information. You will browse through numerous links and articles, sifting through all that data, until you figure it out. Now, with the chatbots, all of that might change.

For starters, the bots are developed with several lines of code that helps it understand Natural Language Processing. So the next time you type out your search, the bot will identify the near-perfect piece of information, saving you much time.

That’s not all. With the rise of chatbots, we are looking at a future with zero user interface. Most communication which currently takes place over a secure messaging platform could soon give way to voice-based conversations. It may seem that individuals might ditch the screen and redefine the way information will be sought and exchanged. The beginnings of this revolution have already dawned a long time ago. With Siri for Apple and Echo for Amazon, the first leg of progress is through.

According to a report by Forrester, investment in Artificial Intelligence is said to triple in 2017. As more and more brands opt to be aa part of the change, the chatbots are the way to the future.