The United Arab Emirate consists of seven emirates and compares to other emirates Dubai is considered to be the friendlier and open to foreign investments emirate. Each and every emirate has its own rules and regulations for foreign companies to set up their small or big business ventures on the land of UAE. Having Local Sponsorship Dubai is mandatory and essential requirement for any foreign entrepreneur to make a venture in Dubai. A local sponsor is a person who is a citizen of Dubai.

This local sponsor works as a guarantee or a guide for a person who wishes to reside and perform commercial operations in Dubai. Such local sponsor individual or company will not only be responsible for all administrative work like creating a bank account or submitting an application for a job but will also work as a business partner and will guide and provide all market updates to foreign entrepreneurs. Well, established companies in Dubai offer a wide range of professional Local Sponsorship Dubai, services to aspiring entrepreneurs for hassle-free registration of their companies on cost effective principles.

Business venture in Dubai DED can be divided into categories like “Professional, “Trade/Commercial” and “Industrial”. Companies like imports and exports, electronic trading, car rental services, brokerage firms, logistics firms, real estate firms falls under Commercial set-ups for which Commercial License Dubai is required. Such kind of license is required for companies involve in buying and selling of goods. For trading within UAE with the help of Emirati sponsor mainland, limited liability Company is the best option to go for.

Commercial License Dubai can be acquired for trading outside UAE in any of the free zones and in this case, no sponsor is required and a person can own 100 % of the company. Free zone companies after becoming a partner with a local UAE mainland registered distributor can sell their commodities within Emirates.

Business Consultancy Dubai helps in acquiring the license which is the first key to unlock business opportunities in Dubai emirate. The process of acquiring this key requires approval from the government especially Department of Economic Development. Clearance of various company formation documents from varied UAE agencies within a short time period makes the whole company formation process quite exhausting, confusing and expensive for the first time business investor.

A Business Consultancy Dubai expert offers a complete solution to their clients by providing them correct guidance regarding trade license and the right type of license for their business venture. They help in acquiring of license or renewal of it from time to time. They even help in expedite the cancellation process of license. Overall they believe in making the whole process to work on fast track basis and prevent a client from facing any legal issue in future.

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