We had a law firm in which there were 50 lawyers and 5 partners including me. I,Sam,Joe,Stuart and James.Each lawyer had a paralegal and a secretary and the paralegal also had a secretary.We established our firm a few years ago.There were some cases and 10 small trials and 2 big trials in court till now.

Stuart brought in the client,the client was filing a lawsuit against Life Insurance Policy (L.I.P)for denying the life insurance money of his son who had a rare nerve disease. L.I.P claimed that this disease’s insurance was not mentioned in the policy.

We put anti-bugging devices in our law office’s phones and office’s cars’s phones, financed by the client.We locked our office doors whenever we went out, to ensure safety from L.I.P spies.

One day Stuart was checking the internet for information about L.I.P and when he found nothing he placed an advertisement on the website of our law firm.

Within some few hours we found that a law firm in Canada had replied that they could hold a meeting tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning.

At the meeting the representative of the Canadian firm John said that their client also filling a lawsuit against L.I.P then he showed some documents and there was a section X this section was not mentioned in the policy that was given to our client.We collected this and thanked John for bringing this.

We went to pretrial meeting with the judge for the names of the jury.In total there were 92 juries from which 53 of them were present in some other trial. We were told to check the profiles of juries and we were also warned not to communicate with any of the juries.The next pretrial Jury selection meeting the 12 juries were selected were totally unbiased and sophisticated.We finally went to trial.As we were the plaintiffs we were first given the chance to speak.

The first statement that was made by us that Peter’s son Andy was about to die and if he was not treated soon he would pass away with no justice!

We saw tears in some Jury’s eyes and that gave us some minor gleam of hope we described the disease and how serious this disease is.

The judge told us to bring our first witness.We brought doctor Murray who was treating Andy.The defendant L.I.P’s lawyer Moriarty interrogated him with how dangerous and grave the nerve disease was.Murray explained that this disease if not treated quickly is fatal.The next witness was Peter who started crying as soon as we climbed the witness stand he started saying that he had only one son that he was beholden to Murray by whatever treatment he could give.The next witness was Andy himself! He was feeble and immobile.By seeing him many people thought that L.I.P was inconvenient and L.I.P also could cheat them like this.

Andy said he was in an shock that how could such life insurance policies could cheat.He would die anyway because of the disease and that he wanted L.I.P to be punished by fining a large amount of money.

We called the current chief of L.I.P and asked how much in cash they they said 100 million bucks,totally unbelievable and we left him.

Andy died the next day we buried him after the funeral the trial resumed. Peter said that we would help people with this disease with the money that he gets if he wins the trial and this was a hit in the bull’s eye.

The Juries declared that L.I.P was fined 99 million bucks. Our hearts stopped beating after hearing the verdict and that was an unforgettable victory were as soon as we got out of the courtroom flocks of journalists came to interview us. We accepted some and declined some and with that our firm had big reputation and from now on our firm didn’t lose any trial.We also understood that to taste the sweetness of victory you have to taste the bitterness of defeat.