Why would you want to watch someone else’s life?

8+ million subscriber’s, 2+billion views and 7 years in making on Youtube. It’s not a music channel, not a gossip news channel and not Tyler Oakley’s channel. It’s a channel where a couple vlog about their daily life.Nothing more. Just plain old days in their lives. They put it up daily and almost every videos rakes up a million views. Why?

That is not only them. A thousands of “youtubers” vlog (video + blog= vlog(cool, huh? (parenthesis inception))). And a million of us watch. Or maybe half a million of us watch it twice. They are not celebrities, just regular people, just famous regular people if that makes sense. My only question is why would you want to watch someone else’s life? (title reference).

There were times in my life when I discovered my sister is cooler than me, although I never admit to it. One of those times was when she introduced me to the JacksGap channel. That might’ve been the start. Then there was the PrankvsPrank, BFvsGF, IISuperwomanII, Tyler Oakley,Grace Helbieg,etc,etc. But the one I hooked to was the BFvsGF channel. It was just the second channel I subscribed to on Youtube. I watch them daily and strain my sleep schedule just to try to watch their daily vlog as soon as it is uploaded. Why do you ask? I might give some intelligent answers but the only reason at the top of my head is that it makes me happy. Why does it make me happy? It just does.

It was August of this summer when one night I had a insane PrankvsPrank (their other channel) run. And I was hooked. I can honestly say it has affected my life. I’ve been a little chirpier since August. Not a lot of people know (I think nobody knows) that I struggle with low self-esteem and confidence issues that sometimes transforms to mood swings and just a top layer of depression. This was a recent issue. And this affected my daily behavior. I used to be a cranky partner to my bench-mate, a bitchy daughter and a dismal girlfriend. I might as well be now, but level has gone down. That is the energy they brought to me. For somebody else it might be some other youtuber. Although they all earn pretty well from this, but I still would like to appreciate what all of them do. I can’t even imagine me ever doing this. Many of us can’t because there is a constant thought of judgments that people would pass. And then to do a video of random things and posting for world to see it is something different. And the energy and enthusiasm they try to bring is commendable. Someday I might try, but for now I might just concentrate on making my brain healthier by watching someone else’s life.

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