Not so long ago, when there was no Bootstrap and HTML5…

Everything in the world of internet evolves and adapts so fast that it’s nearly impossible for me to recall what the web was like before Bootstrap and HTML5.

In fact, it is something that had never even occurred to me before, until I came across this article on TNW by Owen Williams on why “web design is now completely boring”, where he described the time when everyone built their sites more or less from scratch, so there was huge diversity in layouts, colors, sound effects, transitions, animations and more.

He mentioned about Space Jam’s site.

Space Jam! I didn’t even know they had a website for it. I remember I had seen its ad so long back on TV.

I went on to surf through the archived sites built using Flash and felt that they had a special awesomeness associated with them. Take a look.

That is some creativity; awesomeness all over it!

Must. Check. This. Out.


In my point of view, the present day trend of web design might be a lot more sophisticated and organized but the websites lack that uniqueness to amuse us.

Maybe that’s why the UI of Reddit and Craigslist doesn’t really matter.

I won’t say it’s bad. Without a doubt, Bootstrap is amazing but it would be actually cool to try out things a bit differently.

If not anything, we know one thing for sure. Nike has always been awesome.

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