The story of my mind

She was the disdained beauty. People looked down upon her due to her dynamic nature. She called herself power. Power of thoughts. Trapped in her own ideas, she mentions —

Thoughts, thoughts and more of thoughts.

They were random coming from every possible direction. Sometimes the entire thought process made me feel like in the middle of an ocean. At that time, i wanted to be a bird. I wished to fly away. I used to flap my hands in frenzy. Alas! i had no wings.

Few years passed by and the momentum of thoughts increased rapidly. In a single thought, i had millions of tiny thoughts that plunged in. The anxiety increased and there was no stopping to it.

At times, people use to find it weird, and i wanted to get rid away from the illusions of momentary freedom. Those thoughts made me feel like a bird, like a sky, like the powerful sun, like those glittering stars, like the profound wisdom.

There was diversity in my thoughts and i was unable to comprehend where were they actually leading me to.

At night, i was sitting near the sea side. Glaring at the gigantic sky, listening to the uproar of the sea, watching the stars twinkling around, wondered if they were also trapped into their own thoughts.

Suddenly, a piece of paper bruised my face. It was all dirty and it had written on it — You are the master of your own fate

I guess nature answered it all. My thoughts would be put to rest once i write them all. I decided to put this hugger-mugger at rest. Took a pen and paper and today i am at my best.
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