A Letter to heavens for “Heather Heyer” the Victim of Charlottesville,Virginia

Dear Heyer,

I am writing you this letter with a heavy heart. You have been through lots of pain and suffering for standing up against some fanatics that are curse to our societies. You knew that hatred breeds more hatred and decided not to remain ignorant even at the cost of your life.

Heyer, whether people accept it or not but the fact is that they’ve changed the very definition of their religions, values, political ideologies, ethnicity and race to how, when and what they want. You could have stayed back and let things unfold but you decided to stand up against those horrible subversives that took your life without a reason.

Heyer was killed when a terrorist rammed his car into a group of people in Charlottesville, Virginia

Few days after your death things haven’t changed much. Though, the governor of Virgina gave a very strong message to the terrorist’s .But there are pressure groups worldwide that won’t let such terrorists reach the gallows that they consider as more inhumane than crushing someone with a car.

It might be very interesting for you to know that the United States President, to some extent has condemned the Charlottesville incident. People are flocking in, on the site where you were killed with flowers and don’t get confused while gazing at the dew on flowers. These are tears of your loved ones.

I would have mentioned something about your parents but I can’t gather the courage to look into their eyes or even their picture just to let you know about the pain they are going through. If I ever gained some courage I’ll go console your parents and friends.

Heyer, read this letter out loud to the victims of London Bridge attack, the victims from Germany, Palestine, Israel, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Philippines, Yemen, Saudia Arabia, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Syria and from all the others countries who fell victim to hatred in the form of wars and terrorism.

I hope you will meet there Alan Kurd the three years old Syrian boy who died by drowning in Turkey, and all those children who failed to live because of wars, hatred, starvation and substandard medical facilities etc.

Though, Much has not changed and most people are still heedless of the fact that terror in all forms is stronger than ever before and they might get killed for being a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or because of their color or ethnicity.

And Remember, I may not be sure about the efforts of those in power but in my capacity I’ll make sure that what happened to you isn’t repeated. I’ll keep on reminding myself and others that we are one human family with many different names, religions and colors. And time has come to put our heads down before it’s too late to recover.

Rest in Peace