Find Your Calling

A breadth of fresh air, one that fills you with joy and calms you down. The one that allows you to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of life. Every person’s dream, right? Unfortunately, if we see current scenario the only place where one can find them these days are on reel life not in the real one.

We talk about memories, about all the good times we had like the life we live is a story in itself. The one thing we have always been good at was deception, making perceptions about things, seeing them in a whole different light. Maybe that is the reason that we still continue with this little fairy tale of ours we call life. That all is well that ends well phrase has become some kind of a motto.

But the question is why, why we have to be the victim to our own vice of deception? It’s quite ironic actually that the same thing can be curse and cure at the same time. Our optimism, hope the very same things which helps us get through the day becomes the reason for our negligence, prevents us from taking initiative and changing.

Every day people get up at the same time, go about their daily routine the same usual way and their day ends like the last one or the one before that, like all other ones till now. Is this the way things were supposed to be? Is that how life should be? Will we have a smile of content when we are on our death bed looking back? Very few ask these questions and ever fewer think them through till the end.

Our quality of rational thinking differentiates us from all the other beings around us but why it is becoming a restraint to transcend our boundaries even further? Why can’t we define our own purpose of existence? Why all the things we do and are supposed to do come straight of a well-defined protocol?

Humans are considered to be the prime form of intelligence because we had one thing which kept us going, our curiosity. We dared to ask questions, we dared to pursue the roads not taken, we pushed further and further till our curiosity was momentarily satisfied and then the cycle repeated itself with a new fascination.

How many of us feel that same drive to do something which intrigues us, fascinates us, challenges us to come out of our comfort zone? How many of us are willing to diverge from the set of conducts which we have been following till now? If I ask you would you choose a life where you just grew up to fit in the world, have a family, have a job, pay your bills and die, no one would like that yet we move on this very trend line.

We have become conditioned to restraint behavior practices where we are instilled with. The idea that If you want to experience the consequences that you find pleasurable or less painful to put it precisely, then a specified path must be followed without questioning. Day in and day out the execution of such practices has resulted in fading away of the genuine drive for experiences and resulted in what we are today. We think within boundaries and settle with what the day provides us with.

One of the facts which can’t be denied is the stability this kind of structure provides us with. All of us don’t find ourselves in a position to break free of the “conventional ride” and venture off on our own. There are people with responsibilities, with economic deficits, those who struggle day in and day out to meet the ends. They say imagination and dreams are luxuries available to the rich and powerful. They rationalize the situations with the thought that for common people like us sleep without fear of tomorrow is an achievement in itself.

It can’t be denied that arguments like these hold certain standing in reality. But nowhere it is written that only changes, objectives and achievements which are at a stupendous scale will be recognized. Every person has its own path to follow with their respective destinations which are not comparable to each other. Anything which provides purpose to our existence, makes us happy and contented is our calling in life.

While moving along this “pipeline lifestyle” which is the result of the stereotype thinking we have been fostering till now many have left the quest for their purpose and have accepted the things the way they are presented to them. The mental and emotional wear which each day causes breaks their resolve to cross the threshold. Those who do have a little spirit left at the end of the day are under the impression that they are beyond their time to begin now.

The thing to be kept in mind is that change of any kind is challenging in itself. That it takes courage to look beyond the roadblocks in our path, to have faith in times of crisis. To keep on moving forward when everyone in our path says the otherwise. The fear of failure hits hard and hits first, never allowing us to take that first step. How we deal with it makes all the difference.

That first successful step makes us realize that what we are aiming for is possible. That voice which lies at the back of our head which nudges us saying that there is more to life than what we have right now feels more authentic as we complete that first step.

We feel the warmth of faith which faded as we tread the common path. Therefore, we need to find our calling, what is that where I find meaning, a purpose, find some order no matter how chaotic it may seem to others.

We need to look beyond the barriers and imagine, because our imagination is like a stream of water which gently overcomes any barrier of “rationality” and “reasoning”. It guides and help us reach the ocean of true meaning of life and living justifying our existence, the only thing that makes sense, the only one which matters; our own calling.

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