Questions Left Unanswered

Did you sometimes feel the need to talk to someone but couldn’t find the right person to talk to, lots of questions but no answers and then you think whether you have the right questions? Well that’s me, an average guy trying to figure out his place and purpose, his reason for existence.

The one thing which I find most difficult to understand is people. Having being around them since my inception but I still can’t understand their functioning, how they think, what are the criterion on the basis of which they differentiate between good and bad, it’s quite ironic that we are striving to find symmetry, a pattern, a way of functioning for everything we can and can’t see, touch, feel but the one thing which has got the highest degree of randomness is us ourselves.

Our uniqueness is what makes us so special but also most unpredictable at the same time. Like how can a person with no promise for food, place or a life tomorrow is able to sleep so peacefully but at the same time another with all the riches stays up worrying all night, sometimes we are told that some sacrifices today will lead to a better future tomorrow but at the same time they tell us to live our every day like it was our last, that eternal happiness originates from the day to day small good things we witness, which build up our journey of life.

Sometimes it occurs to me is that the system or model which our society has built up over the years is the reason why we all are left In this turmoil, sometimes it just feels that it’s just not me but many others with the same questions,same dilemmas but a part of them have accepted the way of life as it has been laid out in front of them while others have left their quest for truth in disappointment.

At the same point practical existence of our species through all the test of time are the standing proofs of the practicality of our ways. Emotions like love, hatred, jealousy which provide us the designation of being “social” seem to be meaningless over the incidents where even the concept of humanity seems to fade. Quite frankly the notions we have presumed over the years which make us believe in such emotions fall weak to the daily events of brutality we witness in many forms, points to the otherwise .Looks like we have been fooling ourselves with our own perceptions as we are afraid to look in the mirror and find our true selves.

It’s not the people who are the lone reason but mainly the system which we have devised which deviates us from humanity , makes men torture and allows hate to feed and foster. Humanity was not meant to operate like the present. It’s the goodness in us, the element of being social, to display an altruist behavior which has resulted in invention of modes of transport, communication, healthcare etc. But as long as the thing called “hope” exists among us there will always be a dawn at the crest of each night. What I’m afraid of is the extent to which we can rely on hope, to have a better future, to bring the much awaited change, revolutionize the human ways of reason and to really be “human”.

As far as I’m concerned I’ve got much to learn about the world, people and what not, so here I am once again using the same old charm of hope to have faith in tomorrow, to have faith among what appears to be chaos. That those who seek shall find their true calling, find the thing which gives life its meaning, its worth that will turn out to be the reason for breathing, dreaming while asleep and turn into passion when awake. With the existing cloud of uncertainty that looms over every single minute and the fear of falling and failing yet again making it even more difficult. Despite all this I am still waiting for the silver lining which will strengthen my belief and for time when I’ll find the answers to the questions left unanswered.

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