Why I made this card for you?


  • Because the card that you and Almas gave bought us good luck. So this one is from our side to wish you good luck.
  • Because from today on wards, we are beginning with gifting personal websites to our well wishers, fans, friends and supporters. You were the first one!

Why a website?

  • Because I am bad at art, craft and other handmade stuff
  • Because we’re geeks, we just love websites and internet
  • Because I enjoyed coding it

Who is behind this?

  • Me
  • Almas
  • Kavya
  • Ashish

You can now thank (or scold) us!

Help us spread CybrHome in Nepal.




Founder & CEO, CybrHome. An ordinary guy running an extraordinary company. 25 under 25, Science & Technology. www.cybrhome.com

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