9 Steps to Stop Daydreaming

In this post I will show you how to stop Daydreaming, so you can do your work as your best. Following instruction or steps to prevent the daydreaming and you must follow-

Hey Readers, In Regular life we are very frustrated so we didn’t get interest in doing our regular work. We have so many problems such as Money problem, Family problem, Anxiety, and remaining previous work. So we didn’t do our regular work freshly. We also dreaming at a day time that’s why what is happening in front of us is not understand by others


In your regular life you must eat breakfast, Lunch and dinner. You eat breakfast as much as you can but lunch eat medium level and take dinner lightly. You also have variety of food in your regular lunch and dinner. You can order food online at TinyOwl, Foodpanda, Faasos. For variety in food in your lunch. Eat a fresh fruits like apple, banana at the morning time. Drink fresh juice before going to college or office.

Eat fresh foods

  1. Wake Up early in the Morning

Every person who has office or college timing at noon they wake up at the noon. They don’t take tension to go for office. When we get up at the noon we will get bored at the office or college. And they dreaming at a day time. So you wake up early in the morning by setting the alarm of 7AM. For prevent daydreaming you should wake up early in the morning.


The persons who work at a daytime they leave the organization at evening so they came home at the evening time and wasting the evening time on social networking sites and app such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Hike and many other sites. While we were going to bed we also have mobile in our hand so we can use mobile in bed very lazily. Peoples also watching TV for long time in the night or working on laptop. So for prevent daydreaming you should must prevent this. I request you go early to bed as early as you can.

go to bed early

  1. Maintain Good relationship with Friend and Family

The World is one Family” This slogan must be remember by everyone who present on earth so do not fight with your friend colleague or family. They are always with you at the happy time and sad time if you do this you never get any thoughts in mind. If you will do this it will help you to prevent daydreaming.

Maintain good relationship with friends and family

Many of times at daydreaming we get streamed at mind about our future. I will understand you by giving example. If you are daydreaming at office and the boss is sitting in front of you and someone else like colleague is giving presentation on important thing such as marketing the boss is looking at you and you are daydreaming about you are boss of the company and other guys are giving repute to you in the future. And after five minutes you are out of dream then realize you are dreaming and all your colleague looking at you and you feel Embarrassed. Do your future plan very well so your promotion get firstly accept. If you will don’t act like this you will not get promotion.

do your future plans

  1. Do not use mobile phone for long time

In now a day’s mobile phone is like a life. Every person has a smartphone and they will spend time on it. The person is talking long time to his family or friend. And get harassed when the unknown call is received at the phone and dream through it. One time you are talking on phone and someone suddenly come you feel embarrassed. To prevent this do not Use mobile phone for long time.

long time on phone

The person who go early to bed they also get up early in the morning, after getting up early in morning please do exercise it will make you fresh and limelight all day long. Someone what should I do on exercise go on YouTube and watch videos of Exercise. To prevent daydreaming you must do exercise at morning.

do exercise in the morning

  1. Do not use social networking site and app for long time

70% of people on the earth get social all time. By using social site your mind act like it.by using social site for long time the headache is present with us all time. But if you are using social network for small time you will feel fresh for an hour time.

don’t spend more time on social networking sites

Drinking of water is very precious and healthy thing. Drink mineral water to reduce your stress and mind feel free after drinking water. Carry a water bottle with you to drink water at anytime and anywhere. If you want to prevent daydreaming you must drink mineral water.

Drink mineral water

For Great effect in life follow the above instructions strictly.




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Originally published at studylayer.com on January 29, 2016.