Win the private victory with the Mastermind group

During world war II, President Franklin Roosevelt brought the best minds of the country to Washington to solve the county’s greatest crisis known as “ Mastermind group” or” Think Tanks”. Even after the WW II, this group helped to achieve the goals in different types of technology and industrial works. 
You may be thinking “This is some kind of controversy theory where a group of powerful people controls everything.” Well, I will let your imagination into play for something like that, but in order to achieve the certain goal in your life you must create a mastermind group, so you with the group can think in harmony and create infinite intelligence.
In his book, Stephen Covey, The 7 habits of highly effective people, he talks about two different victories, one being private and other public. And in order to get the public victory, you should first attain few private victories. But, there are few obstacles you need to face before attaining private victories. They are:
1. Indecision.
2. Doubt.
3. Fear.

If you have any one of these then the other two are lurking nearby in the shadows as well. And in order to win big, those obstacles inside of you must be eliminated. And there is one way you can eliminate those obstacles, that is to read and accumulate knowledge. Mostly read biographies of the famous people or the people you admire about. Read their biographies, re-read them; gain insight on how they used to solve problems, how would they look at the problem, how would they calm their mind in an overwhelming situation. After reading those texts you can create your own mastermind group inside of your brain with all the famous people you admire as your personal advisors. And after doing so, you can actively produce the result you want with the help of one question” How would they think of this situation?”

Since a very long time, I had all of those three obstacles. I was tired of living a life where I couldn’t even make a simple decision. I was afraid to fail or make a bad decision. And then I started to read few biographies of great personalities like Benjamin Franklin and Mahatma Gandhi. After reading their biographies I used to ask the same question” How would Mahatma Gandhi react to this? Would he be angry about the comment? Would he perceive the other person as a dick?”
I would get the answer right away and act accordingly without freaking out.

With this simple technique, I was able to overcome three obstacles necessary to make me grow into a better person. Yes, it will take a lot of your time but the end result you will receive is worth it.

Therefore, apply this technique to your personal and professional life and see the difference.