Developing India : The Buck stops with Government only?

“Please use the subway for crossing” These words were written on a relatively huge hoarding in one of the busiest roads of South Delhi. In spite of that, I saw a man, probably in his mid-twenties, with a laptop bag, hurriedly crossing the road causing widespread traffic jam as well as putting his own life at risk. Imagining a situation where the guy meets with an accident, he would probably be dead or seriously injured , the vehicle owner and driver would have been harassed and imprisoned, huge traffic jam on the road and last but not the least people venting their frustrations at Government. The very next day newspaper headlines will capture the incident in their own style to grab eyeballs.

Could it have been avoided right? Simply, if the guy would have used the subway and if he would have walked for that extra 100 meters to his office.

In this changing world of huge globalization with competitive economy, I understand its always a race against time for our survival. But at what cost? Always preferring the shortcut, bending rules and regulations, arm twisting officials etc have become a social notion nowadays. We are to put blame on others always for almost everything. It ranges from clearance of household wastes to curbing city air pollution, everywhere we don’t take care of our part, we don’t analyse how much change our contributions can make, how can we solve a problem by ourselves. I do admit that we have challenges but then it is also our responsibility to find a feasible solution to it. As PM Narendra Modi once remarked in a speech “I agree to the fact that India faces thousands of problems, but then we have more than 10 billion brains to steer us through them.”

We have great doctors, engineers,business magnets, Chartered Accountants,economists or experts in every possible field. Several world class institutions such as IITs, IIMs, IISER, CSIR etc have been set up by Government to nurture talents for country's future. Not only that there are numerous examples of common man like Manjhi who not only lived for himself but for others, for his country. Everyone amongst us have the power to strike a chord for change in our surroundings. Its just a matter of will power.

To quote Late President APJ Abdul Kalam :

You say roads are pathetic

You say rivers stink

You say footpaths are dustbins

You say airlines are the worst

But what have You done about it?”

Yes, Its high time that we do something about it. Something worthy for the society, for our nation,for the world, for our loved ones and for ourselves.

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