Come In Peace And Silence

Stop The War Conference October 2016

If today’s Stop The War Coalition Conference was going for the tea party or the book club atmosphere then the people who disturbed the pleasantries with their shouting should be ashamed. The way they were shushed, tut-tutted at, it all makes sense now. Gracefully grey lady behind me shouted ‘arsehole!’ If only the ongoing slaughter of civilians in the Middle East, provoked less desperation, less helplessness, less pain. Tut tut. Jeremy Corbyn is many things, maybe even hope for peace. The paparazzi went slightly mad, the audience reached for their iPhones, but those noisy troublemakers just wouldn’t shut up, spoiling the pop idol moment!

Pop Idol 2016

The photographer came up close to a shouting man (something about Aleppo, some dying kids) and took a shot of his face. Pain close-up. I asked him about it. Good shot, was it? Will sell well? I was just documenting the truth, he answered. Whose truth? Was it the truth of the elegantly dressed middle aged couple on the train who went on with their disapprobation all the way to Highgate? Man: I was sitting next to him, it was simply dreadful! Woman: they should have been removed!

My peace was gone. I kept my eyes closed all the way to Finchley Central.