What comes into my mind when I think of marriage?

Well, I see many people get married every day, they seem happy really happy and I get excited for them… I think of how happy they are and I smile because it feels great, I mean this whole thing of marriage just excites me to the extent of praying for every new wedded couple and wish my best to them.

At this point my mind thinks of every happy thing for the two couple who now became one person! I mean imagine this possibility of two people becoming one, for better or worse, for heath and for sickness…together till death do us apart! If this doesn’t excite you perhaps you should think again!

Imagine two different individuals, from different background and different culture, well sometimes different beliefs living under the same roof! This has to be one of the biggest decisions there is.

Leaving your family behind and starting a whole new family with a total stranger, whom you have known for maybe a year or 2, five sometimes or 10 and in some cases 6 months! It is such a noble thing if you think about it.

Remember your sister or brother whom you have known your whole life and you couldn’t put up with sometimes, s/he drove you crazy at some point and you thought of all possible bad things you could do to them but in the end you couldn’t do it because you love them too much and they make life all much better.

I think like your family, your sister and your brother, your mother and your father… how you put up with their flaws and how they put up with yours (you can’t say you are any perfect) it will be the same with your other half (ok, maybe a little different) but both of you will have to learn how to accept each other, love each other, celebrate the similarities you both have and of course respect the differences, after all these are what make all of us who we are!

As noble as this institution sounds, there are things you should really take into consideration before you decide to sign up for it! Choosing the perfect person for you is quite important of all; choose the wrong person you are definitely going to end up in hell. Or if you sign up for this institution for the wrong reasons, you will end up at the same destination, hell!

Ask yourself, what are your reasons to want to be part of this institution, are they strong enough to help you create a beautiful and a happy marriage? Are you happy enough to share it with someone else? Do you love yourself enough to love another person for the rest of your life?

Marriage is a beautiful thing, waking up with the same person every morning, loving the same person over and over; annoying and being annoyed by the same person as many times as possible and still finds ways to have fun with it, who wouldn’t want this?

It is only in marriage where you can be who you are without being worried about what that person will think of you, in this institution you won’t have to hide your flaws or imperfections and pretend to be somebody you are not, you won’t be judged! After all isn’t this what you both signed up for?

Remember your vows; to love each other, respect each other, encourage each other, comfort each other, accept each other, understand and listen and most important learn how to truly forgive.

Marriage gives you a chance to be many things at the same time! You can be childish at some point, sometimes you are that stubborn teenager, other times you are that total responsible adult! You are a mother, father, a friend, a daughter, a son; well you are many things in one person!

So, what comes into my mind when I think of marriage, you ask? Well, many things come into my mind but most time comes; love, happiness, forgiveness, understanding, listening, presence and togetherness.

When I think of marriage, I think of two brave people have decided to choose to love one person every single day, to forgive, to comfort and to build a family greater than they had with love.

Marriage is a gift! Accept it and be ready to do everything it takes to make it such a marvelous and a blessing thing that it is!

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