Shipping Process: Real-Time Updates Keep Customers Happy

Shipping Process: Why and How To Add Updates

We all know how important customer satisfaction it is for our small businesses. We go to great extents in order to keep our clients happy. We dress up our packaging to impress them. We say “thank you” every chance that we get to make them feel appreciate it. More importantly, we keep creating products with our consumers in mind. Something that we can do to further our clients’ happiness is to upgrade their customer experience. A way to improve our customers’ experience is through our shipping process.

We often talk about how a strong, well-defined shipping process can increase our sales and help our business. It can also increment customer satisfaction rate. Real time shipping updates might just do the trick to keep customers happy.

What are real-time shipping updates?

A real-time shipping update lets customers know the latest status of their packages. You’re probably familiarized with this tech since it is used by Amazon and other online stores. When you order an item from Amazon, the online store will give updates on your packages. It will tell you where it has been and the estimated date of arrival. What’s really neat about these updates is that you can even know the estimated time of arrival of your package.

Why do they help your shipping process and keep clients happy?

We all love to feel in control of our purchases. I’m sure that as customers we can all recall a time when we had a negative experience with an online purchase. I’m also pretty sure that this had to do with the delivery of our packages. Either these didn’t arrive in the promised time frame, or we weren’t sure when they were going to arrive. The latter, can often cause us to miss our delivery. Packages sometimes need a signature in order to be delivered. If we are not sure at what time it will be dropped, we are very likely going to miss our shipment. That’s right, we get back home and find the dreaded “Sorry we missed you” slip stuck in our door.

Implementing Shipping Updates in your Shipping Process

How does this has to do with your clients? Well… everything. According to an article on HSO, reveals that consumers expect regular delivery updates. This article also expresses that customers see these as an essential element of their shopping experience. Shipping updates will save customers time and give them peace of mind. If you agree with this, then the next steps are for you.

When adding real-time delivery updates you have several options. First of, for local shipments, you can use USPS‘s Last Mile services. This is a technology available for both small business owners and consumers. It offers a lot of different perks, including real-time delivery updates. By using top-notch scanning technologies, USPS captures and records high volumes of mail. Real-time scan data lets users know when to expect delivery. Packages are scanned through a network to have accurate information about their delivery. This is an excellent option to include in your shipping strategy.

There are also third party options. Magneto Connect is an e-commerce software and platform. Among their many services, they offer the easy access to real-time shipping updates. Their service, Trackingmore, is linked to hundreds of global shipping providers. It has the ability to provide on-site shipment real-time tracking and display all shipments in one place. It also provides smart notifications to let customers know what is happening with their shipments. Trackingmore lets them know when a package is In Transit, Out for Delivery, Delivered, or Exception.

So, there you have it. The importance of shipping updates for you and your customers. We hope your business can benefit from introducing these in your current process. Until next time and happy shipping!

Originally published at on March 1, 2016.



Shweebo provides international parcel forwarding, PO box, shipping & forwarding, international tracking, parcel tracking, shopping USA, and forwarding services.

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Shweebo provides international parcel forwarding, PO box, shipping & forwarding, international tracking, parcel tracking, shopping USA, and forwarding services.