“Humans of Hughes Hall”

As made popular by the amazing Humans of New York, I bring to you “Humans of Hughes Hall”. These eight Hughes residents shared with me their passions, motivations, how they “flex their creative muscle”, and what they believe about societal notions of creativity.

“Being in theater, it’s such a collaborative medium. You get a bunch of people from a bunch of skill sets to create one final product. A big part of that is taking everyone’s perspective and taking everyone’s ideas and combining it into one artistic force.” — EM

“Everybody thinks that you have to be creative in some way, and they define creativity in a very narrow way. They think of creativity of being able to do art, or being an amazing poet, or being able to write, or being able to sing. But, I believe in that creativity can come in all forms. Like people who work with technology, they’re extremely creative in ways that I cannot even imagine.” --HRW

“I feel like creativity these days is often mistaken with genius, and I think the conversation around genius is very problematic. There was once a time where we didn’t say someone ‘was a genius’, we use to say someone ‘had a genius’. So, the person themself wasn’t special, but what they created was special. But now, we don’t say a person has a genius, we call them a genius. When you call someone a genius, it means that everything they do has to be of master level work and there’s this gigantic pressure on them to create really great things all of the time.” — EV

“No, I don’t think that you need your emotion into your work. I feel like you can put your personality and your energy, and not necessarily the emotions you’re feeling. Like in photography, you can use the your own emotion to help with the composition and the shot, but some artists are more interpreting the world outside them than they are trying to share something that is going on internally. I think you can strike a balance between external and internal forces when you’re working.” --IA

“You have to draw. you have to be the one kid who is always writing these great short stories and doing these great paintings in art class. I feel like it [societal expectations] doesn’t take into account innovative thinking and being able to have fresh ideas and being able to problem solve. I don’t think that’s what we think of when we think of creativity.” — WB

“I always drive to be different. I don’t want to be the same as everyone else. I feel like this is how you push yourself to try new things.” — KR

“Well, I think it [creativity] is trying to convey something that is uniquely you to other people. It’s when you try to convey the truest expression of who you are without the filters of language, and other things.” — SF

“When I was younger, I think that I was much more creative and I saw a creative life that I don’t think that I ended up pursuing. I think that my American sensibility leaves me with a deficit of creativity. The lifestyle I lived when I lived in Mexico was a very creative one. In reality, a shortage and a lack of resources led us to be very creative. We ran schools with no budgets, we made art projects without tape; problem solving is very creative. You have to be creative to look for a better way you may not have thought of before.” — SV

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