Shypmate is now Envyl

Apr 16, 2017 · 2 min read

At Shypmate, our goal remains to create access across the globe one delivery at a time. Each day, we are reminded that our goal is bigger than the present. We are driven to work even harder because our metrics show that we are indeed up to a great venture that will require mastery with persistence and iteration.

To further our goal, we have decided to change the name of our company from Shypmate to Envyl. Though Shypmate was a great name that propelled us to the world, we believe that it narrows our goal. Under Shypmate, our delivery service was available to our dear customers only when they purchased through us. We took this approach to ensure that Shypmate knew the origin of items and our travelers were protected. Our focus is to still verify the origin of each item, but it is important to cater to the needs of our growing customer base by expanding our services under Envyl.

Under the umbrella name of Envyl, our services will include the following:

i) Our customers will still have the current process where they can place a request and we will handle the purchasing, handling and delivery.

ii) Our customers can request for a delivery address (after meeting certain criteria) and purchase items directly from the merchant to Envyl

iii) Our customers can send an already purchased item through Envyl. Under this section, select items cannot be accommodated. However, we will provide as much information to ensure that the process is seamless and safe.

It is with great pleasure to also announce that under Envyl, we are launching our flight deal package to make our travelers flights more affordable. For more information on this, please do not hesitate to visit our Flight Deals homepage. As noted earlier, our verification process still remains top notch as the safety of our travelers remains our priority. We will continue to help our travelers save cost on flights while ensuring that our platform remains transparent, safe and trustworthy.

Overall, the purpose of Envyl is to carry on the torch of creating access across the globe. Our promise to our customers is that we are committed to ensuring that delivery across the globe is seamless, accessible and affordable. To our travelers, we will maintain a process that is transparent, safe and even bigger for each traveler to make back more than 60% of their flight cost.

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