Let’s go back home

Davidson and I :)

This last week has been one of the most stressful weeks since Davidson and I started to travel in Asia.

The surroundings of Ngapali are amazing. The beach is across the street. People are smiling and friendly. They’re even saying “hello” while we’re biking. We could’ve stayed there until December 18th, which was the original plan.

Yet, things didn’t go according to plans. And clearly the situation was driving us crazy.

Yesterday, while we were at lunch (and Davidson went on a monologue on how he was so depressed), I decided to look for tickets to go back to Paris. It wasn’t that expensive, the price started from 200€ for a one way on November 17th. So, I told him:

“There’s no need of staying miserable here. We did 5 months out of 6. We learned a lot during this journey. Overall it was an amazing experience. We grew a lot both individually and as a couple. We feel more connected to each other. Now let’s go back home.”

Originally published on my travel blog Where is Shy?