One thing at a time

That’s it!

You’ve finally decided to start your new project. And although at first you’re super excited, the adrenaline rush is over now and you start to think that maybe it was a bad idea. You don’t even know how to get started and there are so many tasks to be done. Which one to start first? And how are you gonna do this or that?

So many questions are rushing through your mind and you feel powerless.

I’ve been in that position many times. It’s only recently that I’ve learned to relax and not driving myself crazy over things that haven’t happened yet (and which are unlikely to happen actually).

What’s important in any project is to get started. Take that first step that’ll get you closer to your goal and go with the flow. You might feel stuck at some point but I assure you there will always be an answer to your problem.

Just do one thing at a time and let Life guide you throughout the obstacles that you’ll face.

Originally published on my blog