Take that chance

If there’s a chance for a better life (in your own terms) for yourself, then don’t be afraid to take risks. Otherwise you’ll live the rest of it wondering what if you took that risk after all?

I don’t claim that all the decisions I made in my life so far were the smartest ones. But looking back to some of my “non-smart-at-all” decisions, I ended up doing great things (against all odds!).

For example:

  • I quit my job with no job lining up to travel 4 months in South America (and I had no idea to what to do next);
  • I decided to start a relationship with Davidson although we knew each other for a couple of months only (1 year later we’re still together);
  • I traveled 6 months in South East Asia, thinking that I’ll be able to build a business from scratch in coaching (now I’m more realistic and patient);

From these experiences, I learned lessons that are and will be valuable for the next stage of my new life:

Being a business-owner and a mom :)

So, in the end, no regrets at all. And things turned out better than what my mind was expecting (because it’s always the best to picture the worst case scenarios! lol).

Originally published on my blog shyrwyn.com