A new, personalised investment platform

The rarefied world of the art trade is not an obvious place to find personal data innovation, but then Feral Horses is a startup with a mission to disrupt on all fronts.

In what it describes as an ‘art market revolution’, the firm has built a platform that lets people makes people buy shares in artworks rather than having to buy the whole piece — something usually beyond the reach of all but wealthy customers.

CEO Francesco Bellanca explains the concept: “We looked at the art market and saw there were four main challenges that…

2018 is the year personal data hits the political campaign trail. It is the foundation on which James Felton Keith is building his bid to for election to the US Congress this year. His is a compelling narrative about how each individual should get a slice of the enormous value their data creates in the digital economy.

James — also known by the Presidential moniker JFK — will be no stranger to regular Internet of Me readers. He is a man on several missions, all with the common themes of personal data both as a means for business innovation and…

What’s at stake for the personal data economy

While hindsight is a wonderful thing, there has been a sense of inevitability to the whole Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Yes, the liberties taken with user data are shocking, particularly its use by third parties. And more of Facebook’s 2.2billion users will now understand the true depth and nature of the social network’s enormous data mining operation. But that was hardly a secret to anyone who cared to look.

The question now is, will the #deletefacebook sentiment become a defining moment — a shift in our attitudes and understanding when it comes to our personal data?

Perhaps a bigger…

The latest on Future Agenda’s global health project

Healthy discussions on Patient Centric Data

In four short months, Future Agenda has covered a lot of ground in its exploration of how patient data will shape the future of our health services. A lot of ground in terms of the myriad expert discussions, but also in the physical distance travelled to ensure a truly global perspective on this hugely important subject.

After kicking off in Dubai at the end of September, events have been held in Johannesburg, Oslo, Brussels, Singapore, Sydney, Mumbai, and London. …

How identity data is driving an alternative market for measuring trust

Availability of new data sets is making credit scoring fairer and more widely available

There’s always been something mysterious and slightly random about credit checks. You know you’re good for it — you’ve kept a clean slate and paid your bills on time — and yet you can never rule out that you’ll get declined because the ‘computer says no’ at the moment of truth. Some obscure error or trivial mistake that’s been festering, gnawing away at your hard-earned credit rating.

The problem is that we’re never sure exactly what we’re being scored on. Unless we get a copy of our credit report we can’t see the errors and inaccuracies until it’s too late…

Internet of Me talks to James Felton Keith, the man behind Personal Data Week and the International Personal Data Trade Association

More thoughtful discussion of our rights over the data that defines us in the digital world is always to be welcomed. Personal Data Week is a brand new event opening up the conversation in New York. It is the brainchild of James Fulton Keith, an economist, entrepreneur and chair of the International Personal Data Trade Association, and he’s on a mission to shift the emphasis of debate.

“I do think there is a gap in the US but also across the Western world, when it to comes to considering personal data — it’s about the differentiation away from conversations about…

Internet of Me is getting bigger and better. We always had grand ambitions, but we also need to grow to meet the demands of a personal data economy that is expanding exponentially.

The amount of data each of us creates every day will not slow. Our lives will only become more digital. Yet still so many of the rights we should have over our own information remain beyond our reach. Much is changing, though. Innovation brings us greater agency. The EU GDPR is now less than a year from being an everyday reality.

Meanwhile, artificial intelligence is playing an ever-greater…

Failure to treat people’s data with respect will erode trust and lead to a backlash that will kill opportunity

We all think we know right from wrong but, let’s face it, both have a fair bit of flexibility. Often, though, doing the right thing isn’t just a moral or ethical decision, it’s a question of success or failure. That will be the case when it comes to the ethics of how our data is gathered, shared and used.

techUK last week hosted a debate called ‘Driving the Data Ethics and Governance Debate Forward’ to explore how this vitally important aspect of the data economy will play out.

The panel comprised Hetan Shah, Executive Director of the Royal Statistical Society…

As the many reviews of the past twelve months being published will tell you, 2016 was quite a year. Leaving aside celebrity deaths, Brexit and Donald Trump’s election victory, 2016 was significant for another, more modest, reason — it was the first full year of the Internet of Me forum.

We have covered a lot of ground in that time, from finance to healthcare, identity to politics, privacy to marketing. We’ve spoken to experts, academics and entrepreneurs about the burgeoning personal data economy and their hopes and fears for the future. …

Do you love your bank? Does it give you value for money and great customer service? Is it the cornerstone of your financial life or a necessary evil?

However you feel, the good news is that you can expect things to get better.

As in so many sectors, technological innovation is shaping the future of banking and offering incumbent institutions a choice — take advantage of the shiny new opportunities or be challenged by the insurgent start-ups that are doing just that.

Scale is no defence. A raft of new legislation has been drafted to create the environment for competitive…

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