How identity data is driving an alternative market for measuring trust

Availability of new data sets is making credit scoring fairer and more widely available

There’s always been something mysterious and slightly random about credit checks. You know you’re good for it — you’ve kept a clean slate and paid your bills on time — and yet you can never rule out that you’ll get declined because the ‘computer says no’ at the moment of…

Internet of Me talks to James Felton Keith, the man behind Personal Data Week and the International Personal Data Trade Association

More thoughtful discussion of our rights over the data that defines us in the digital world is always to be welcomed. Personal Data Week is a brand new event opening up the conversation in New York. …

As the many reviews of the past twelve months being published will tell you, 2016 was quite a year. Leaving aside celebrity deaths, Brexit and Donald Trump’s election victory, 2016 was significant for another, more modest, reason — it was the first full year of the Internet of Me forum.

Simon Carroll

Editor of Internet of Me, a forum exploring the issues surrounding personal data. Journalist and writer for businesses and brands.

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