Feminist Frequency Employee Celebrates Berkeley Riot

Feminist Frequency condemns the glorification of imaginary violence in video games
Carolyn Petit of Feminist Frequency glorifies real violence in the Berkeley riots
The same rioters Ms. Petit encouraged on beating an unconscious man with flagpoles

Despite being live-tweeting her disdain for imaginary violence shown at a press conference, Anita Sarkeesian has still not acknowledged Carolyn Petit’s glorification of domestic terrorism five days after the fact.

I have reported the offending tweets, though it is unlikely Twitter will enforce the terms of service in this instance.

“Feminist Frequency” is a member of Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Council”

While many companies would attempt to avoid the appearance of impropriety in this situation, Twitter has a track record of stonewalling any action against members of its “Trust and Safety Council”. This includes harassment stemming from Randi Lee Harper and others named in the Crash Override Network leaks.

Randi Lee Harper, then using the handle “@freebsdgirl”, harassing a Twitter user with impunity

It is worth noting Twitter’s ban of Milo Yiannopoulous. Members of the Trust and Safety Council would have input in Twitter’s “safety products, policies, and programs”, so Feminist Frequency representatives would play a direct role in determining exactly what “behavior intended to harass, intimidate, or use fear to silence another user’s voice” entailed.

The first result for “Punch a Nazi” on Twitter, a meme referencing the unprovoked assault of a white nationalist during a televised interview. As evidenced by the Berkeley riots, a “Nazi” can include unconscious men being beaten with flagpoles, homosexual Jew Milo Yiannopoulous, and gas generators.

In the context of the riot, the masked fascists on the ground and at Twitter speak the same language: The rioters claimed that Milo’s ideas are dangerous and he must be violently silenced. This morbid fear of him and his ideas is justified because Twitter selectively banned him, and only dangerous men with dangerous ideas are banned from Twitter. The violence, arson, and looting ostensibly to stop the spread of these dangerous opinions is then celebrated by a representative in the “Trust and Safety Council”.

A tweet from Leslie Jones, who Milo was latter banned from Twitter for “leading a harassment campaign against”. Her account — and this tweet — remain online despite being reported over half a year ago.

While it is unknown how much input Feminist Frequency employees like Ms. Petit have in the enforcement of Twitter policy, promoting left-wing domestic terrorism has caused no friction with Feminist Frequency. A Twitch stream advertised on Carolyn’s account was retweeted by the official Feminist Frequency account the day after celebrating the riots.

The same Twitter account Carolyn Petit used to celebrate the Berkeley riots was promoted by Feminist Frequency one day after the tweets.

As of this update, a CNN article dating from February 2nd attributes six injuries and $100,000 in property damage at UC Berkeley to the riots. A Breitbart article released February 5th reports “a total of nine people were treated for injuries at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center over a two-day period”.

A screenshot of Carolyn Petit’s profile taken during the UC Berkeley riots
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