What Happens at a Startup

“Startup is about Finding Solace In Chaos” — What happens at Roposo?

Recently, we started a blog series- “What Happens at a Startup?”, to give the readers a little sneak peek into the lives of people behind some of the fastest growing startups in the country. Research took us to the headquarters of Roposo — India’s leading Fashion Social Network, in Gurgaon. Roposo enables users to share their style stories and video links, follow other users whose style they like, make lists of stories and products for future reference, and discover DIYs. All the content is user generated and the feed is personalised as per the user’s interests.We are glad to share snippets of our conversation with team Roposo — whose Co-founder, team members and interns have wonderful insights for someone who wishes to explore the world of startups. If you ever find yourself looking for inspiration to have your own startup or even to work for a startup, Roposos story is the one you must read!

Kaushal Shubhank , co-founder of Roposo with Anshu Agrawal, member of SiS-CEL

What initiated the idea of this Startup?

Kaushal Shubhank, the Co-Founder of Roposo answers, “Before Roposo, we (the 3 co-founders of Roposo) had a gift recommendation website where the maximum traffic comprised of women users. This triggered the idea of a fashion recommendation platform — of providing the users with something to buy for themselves with same business model, i.e., affiliate partnerships with vendors.”

What skill does one require to get into startups?

Mona, the Head Recruiter believes, “Startups are about finding solace in chaos. In terms of skill sets, the passion to learn is all you need. You need to be a self-learner, willing to grow and make efforts for the same yourself. Anyone who is quick on his feet, flexible, and can take his work to the next level is perfect for a startup.”

Why should one intern at a startup rather than a company?

Uday, who started as an intern in his second year and went on to become an employee at Roposo, shared — “The best part about startups is that it has a flat structure — an absence of hierarchy gets you to work with different teams across the organisation, regardless of your profile. Startups give you the freedom to come in and work whenever you feel like. Moreover, a startup just feels like hanging out with a college group, out of college.”

What do startups expect from students while hiring interns?

Manas, who interned at Roposo for multiple profiles before joining full time, said — “The minimum requirement is you should have good communication skills. Being active in co-curricular activities at college helps. Above all, you should be confident enough to interact with people — a vibrant approach and positive contribution is what a startup expects.”

In conversation with Priyanjali Ghosh, PR Executive at Roposo

What keeps you here?

Pratibha, who landed herself an internship at Roposo after having worked for a corporate, told us — “The team spirit, the energy and the motivation everybody instills in their colleagues holds me here. Open door communication has helped me build some great relations with people here.”

The colourful interiors of Roposo brings the startup to life. From maggi and grilled cheese sandwich treats to a table tennis arena, the place is abuzz with fun filled activity round the clock. That way, Roposo has so much more to offer than just a rich learning experience.

On behalf of SiS, I’d like to thank team Roposo for their time and cooperation, and of course, for having me over for lunch.