Getting Started (and Connected) In The New Zealand Startup Scene

Sian Simpson
Mar 28, 2017 · 3 min read

I regularly find that I speak with friends, peers and also Founders asking for help or looking for advice or simply telling me that they can’t find things. So I’ve had a little bit of a comb through my brain and thought i’d write a bit of a short post of some of the things I think you could do when you are getting started in the New Zealand Startup Scene. At the very least, this post should point you in the right direction to get you connected to some of the main nodes in each of the major hubs and even some of the other regions that I’ve been to. This is aimed as a starting point and not the be all and end all.

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Youth Focused:

Social Impact/Enterprise Focused

Get Startup Legal Resources from:

Some* Co-working Spaces


  • Collab
  • Shared Space
  • GridAKL
  • BizDojo (many locations)
  • BNZ (if you are a customer).
  • The IceHouse
  • The Crate




  • Ministry of Awesome
  • Greenhouse
  • BizDojo



  • PetriDish
  • Innov8HQ

If you are coming to San Francisco read these two websites first:



  • Coffee Recommendations
  • Where to Eat
  • Accommodation Recommendations
  • App Recommendations
  • Location & Navigation Recommendations
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Transport
  • Eating & Drinking
  • Banking
  • Mobile/Telco
  • Events
  • Vernacular

If you have an Introductions ‘wishlist’ here is a useful format to follow to help people make them for you with all the info and narrowing the down search (works for us).


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