There is no end to this. This is your own abyss. There is no end to carelessly drowning in this bliss.

She smashed another drink. Lime smudging her lipstick. She stashed the bottle back in her purse and pulled the strings.

It can’t be transient. Ignore the real tangent. It can’t be so fully now and not the next instant.

Tie your eyes to her being. Sense the essence of her scene. A rhyme in her limbs bans the last thought of your fleeing.

That roar around the cage! One room and one stage! Patrons roam to bust the lust abscess in their rage.

She glides within your reach. It’s time to spin the wheel. Keep her hollow eyes clasped onto yours and this is it.


Down another drink! “NO!” Prepare the next trick! “NO!” Grasp the last cause of a fleeting force and let it sink! “NO!”

Take care of her flow! “NO!” Captain her tempo! “NO!” See through her storm and sail that troubled ship back to shore! “NO!”

Let your armour go! “NO!” Succumb to her sword! “NO!” Surrender your sight to the savage reign of a new lord! “NO!”

Tune into her breathe! “NO!” Teeth onto her lips! “NO!” Drag her hunting hand through your heart and let her plant the seed! “NO!”

A spear through the steal! “NO!”

Your remedy to heal! “NO!”

Love Leyenda to kneel! “NO!”

The famed fable is real! “NO!”

And the rhythm fuels their final flight into the void so a story could be told of the true legends of the bold! Up until the last beat. As their set nears complete. And the lights come to shine on what the music left discrete. Their eyes lose their vivid signs. Their steps no longer in line. And walking proves more real than the dance they had in mind.