Dates & Reminders In WorkFlowy?
Jesse Patel

Hi again Jesse. I went away for a few days. Than I came back and read EVERYTHING posted here.

Ok. Here are my suggestions:


10.- KISW. Keep it simple, Workflowy.

09.- Don’t make us re-type anything to adjust from OUR way of using dates to the NEW workflowy option

08.- Give the chance of a small alarm. But I’d prefer Workflowy give us 5 or 10 options of sounds. Don’t let WF to become a new Ringtoneland…

07.- Give the chance of using AT LEAST some color to make reminders more visible. But, again, color use SHOULD BE LIMITED by WF. Give us 8 color visually strong options and that’s it.

05.- Of course, this could be the number one in this list but I’ll put it here: Allow integration with Google Calendars

04.- Did I mention to KISW? (Keep It Simple Workflowy?)

03.- Would it be to complicated for Jesse’s bunch of codewriters to allow something like programming an email, from within WF, to remind me of stuff?

02.- Send us a notice INSIDE the application, like you did to invite us to this Forum, whenever there is a new WF blog posting

01.- And number one, definitely, in the TOP TEN THINGS THAK WORKFLOWY SHOULD DO WHILE IMPLEMENTING THE REMINDERS FEATURE… Of course. You guys can implement the reminders ANYWAY you like or decide in base to all this input, BUT… Leave it OPTIONAL. Let every WF user to choose if they want to use them or not. Don’t make them mandatory.

That’s it. And again, Jesse. Thanks for the opportunity!


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