The Media Blackout On The DNC Lawsuit Proves That It Is Nuclear
Caitlin Johnstone

Great article Caitlin!

As long a people blindly support their chosen party…..neither party is going to make meaningful change. These parties know and expect that a vast majority of “sheeples” will support and defend their actions at any and all costs. It’s these two parties that have created so much of the hate in this country because their strength comes by pitting their base against the “evil other side”…..instead of focusing on the real needs of their supporters.

Fundamental changes need to be made to the party system…..but that can start with relatively simple changes. How about instituting absolute term limits? How about eliminating PAC’s and paid lobbyists?

Perhaps a bigger problem than the political parties is the media. Media has become the new “lobbying” machine in America. There is very little real journalism left in America… has become propaganda machines.

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