I Was Wrong about Trump Voters
Michael Baharaeen

Interesting article, but I find one major flaw….it refers to “Trump voters” instead of properly labeling them as Republicans or Conservatives. You label the others as Democrats and Liberals….why that difference? I am pretty sure that the social discourse of today will long transcend the Trump presidency. Until Liberals get past the fact that HRC lost the election and have aimed revenge upon the Trump administration….they will continue to lose seats and supporters.

In regard to “racial resentment” as being“unconscious racism” seems like a gross over-simplification. Frankly, I see “studies” such as the ones cited in this article to be in the same league as election polls. They are conducted by organizations typically with a political objective….and hence should be highly doubted in their assumptions. The staggering question is why is there so much effort put into placing people into “buckets”. You must be either racist, or rural, or uneducated, a globalist, or immigrant…..and somehow as a result of your “bucket” must think, and subsequently vote a certain way. This entire “bucketing” process of each and every American is a gross over-simplification of people….and simply wrong. It also misdirects the efforts that our elected officials (and political parties) from the things that they should really be focused on. Personally I resent anyone that tries to place me into ANY “bucket”….regardless of whether that “labeler” is a Liberal or a Conservative...or Republican or Democrat.

My suggestion to ALL political leaders and political parties…..STOP getting distracted on fighting against “the other side” and START delivering real results for the American people. Trump won because the American people are sick of our elected officials not getting the work of the people done!!! Everything else such as what was done wrong in the last election….or how you can #Resist….or what percentage of working people voted for this candidate or the other…..is simply a heap of c*rap!

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