I do speak out against violence.
Linda Fish

Not sure where I am labeled as seeing the world in a less positive way. However, I do see those that talk a lot….maybe #resist….but really dont do anything else. We see this a lot from Hollywood liberals who want to speak out against things like “the wall” or “climate change”…..and then fly around in private jets, and live in giant mansions behind really tall walls. Actual change and results are the only thing that matters. I think I learned a long time ago that “talk is cheap”.

In regard to “speech” do you actually believe it is more “protected” than ever? I don’t know where you have been the past several months, but I have seen more attempts by protesters, educators and #resist people trying to shut down rational dialogue. In America….we have always had disagreements about things….but we’ve been able to share our opinions…and at the same time respect the opinions of others. However, in today’s world….if you dont like something….it’s instant boycotts…..if someone doesn’t like the Paris Climate Agreement….that you are somehow branded someone who seeks global annihilation. There is way too much extremism.

Even many of those that don’t like the Trump administration….have come to believe that we are on the verge of fascism and global destruction. I am old enough…and hopefully wise enough….to know that this too shall pass.

I did not vote for HRC or Trump……but I hope those that are struggling to move forward will understand that all of the rotten tomatoes they are throwing today……will be coming back twice as many and twice as fast when your favored candidate is in office…..and that serves NOBODY.