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So the hearing is over…what did we really learn:

  • Comey leaked govt document to the press…..possibly a crime, certainly unethical, and certainly well below the standard for Dir of FBI
  • Comey leaked to the media to MANIPULATE our government processes for his own political purposes. He is definitely not non-partisan….and has injected himself into the political process over and over again over the years.
  • Comey is a weak leader. He stumbled over so many questions (at least the ones he hadn't rehearsed). He is very experienced in his role…and certainly should have had the strength to tell POTUS if he was getting into questionable territory.
  • Comey made it abundantly clear that he never had any intention to support POTUS or this administration in ANY way. So the administration was fully justified to fire this controversial career bureaucrat.
  • The media has reported many falsehoods based on “un-named sources”….a clear indication of media bias. I would hope that if they are truly journalistic news sources…they will make massive retractions.
  • There was no crime of obstruction. All legal experts say this claim is bogus. If Comey felt questionable on this issue, his position alone required him to take some action…..instead he wrote sneaky little notes for his own leveraging purposes later. His plan was likely to blackmail the President if he needed. Yep….another “loyal” dedicated public servant (more like self-serving).
  • Loretta Lynch was intentionally trying to help Hillary Clinton in her election bid by obstructing Jim Comey’s investigation. Let’s not forget her inappropriate meeting private meeting with Bill Clinton just days before Comey ends that “matter”.
  • Remember that the media and federal employees are overwhelmingly Democrats (I have heard over 85%). These people are definitely not a balanced representation of the American population.

Almost a year later and still not a shred of evidence that there was collusion by Trump campaign with Russia (even though there is evidence of Clinton campaign colluding to manipulate election. While unsavory, I have seen nothing showing that even if collusion is proven….if that is even a crime!!

This whole Russia narrative is an investigation in search of a crime. That is not how our justice system should be working in America! No proof should mean END THE INVESTIGATIONS. This is the equivalent of allowing the government to probe into every aspect of your life in an effort to find if you ever broke a law. Sounds a bit like what happens in Russia!

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