Trump was not under investigation.
Timothy Gutwald

Still looking for a crime? So far after many months of allegations….there has not been a single piece of proof of a crime…..just conjecture, leaks, and media bias and unfounded/inaccurate stories (according to Comey).

I thought a general rule of law is that investigation starts when a crime has been perpetrated….not “let’s investigate” and hope we can find a crime…and maybe even some proof to support it”

So I have tried to keep an open mind…..but so far I have seen no evidence….and am even further unclear on the crime being investigated. Is an act of “collusion” in an election even an actual crime….or just unsavory. If it is, I suggest we also investigate the DNC for their manipulation of the primary process between Hillary/Sanders…..and also DNC/CNN/Hillary to manipulate the debates.