Why I’m Going to the White House Today
Jennifer Pahlka

Thank you for a refreshing article from someone in the “tech” industry. It has been frustrating to see so many others in the tech industry to be so arrogant and elitist. Somehow many of them seem to think that the rest of American just needs to get onboard to their thinking about government, politics, and the world. It’s an industry that pays very well, so it seems that many in that field seem to think that the WHOLE of America should simply do what they do. The truth is that we all cant live successfully in Silicon Valley.

I also agree that many see that government has been failing us….and failing us for a long time. While I think that America is a country built on self-reliance and hard work……government does serve a role to help everyone get there….and to provide a net for those that fall thru. However, those social safety nets have been failing…and failing for decades. Those government programs are inefficient, wasteful, full of fraud….and in many cases dont serve those truly most in need. The solution is not to simply throw more money at the problem….as that solution has not ever worked. The goal of government should NOT be to grow and get bigger year after year. The goal should to become smaller as social problems are solved. However, too often if cuts or changes are suggested to ANY program….there are those that scream a whole litany of ‘isms….and that is where we get stuck being able to make change and move forward.

I will disagree with some of your assessment about the current administration. It is too popular right now for too many people to make generalized statements about an administration that has been in office for 5 months. It seems if you are “left of center” any statement you make must first be prefaced by criticism of the administration. This article starts with that criticism….almost like you need to state that first or that you need to justify reason for attending and participating in this project being driven by the current administration…..a project that prior administrations did not seem to prioritize. It is frightening to think that some govt agencies are still using floppy disks!! Where have our past leaders been?? Where has the elitist tech industry been??

So I would urge you and others to focus on the positive things going on in our government now…..and save the grossly judgmental assessments on other things based on very limited information or time enough to start tacking the problems. This administration was voted into this position to start change. Change is an uncomfortable thing for most people, but just sit back and give change a chance. You just might find some benefits…..just like this project your organization is getting involved with!

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