The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump
Dave Pell

The headline of this story starts out accurate….then it degenerates into a typical slant piece…with clear personal bias.

Let’s start with a few facts….

  • People voted for Trump because they are sick and tired of Washington. That includes politicians, media, and bureaucrats.
  • If you expected that Trump was going to be like ANY other president in history…you came into this with the wrong understanding. If you can expand your mind beyond historical norms….you might actually see some productive change in our broken systems.
  • You say that “Trump earned this bias”. Perhaps some of that is true…but let’s remember who started throwing the first stones. The media and political machine that is our government treated him like a pariah since the day that he announced his candidacy. It’s actually that despite that heaped bias on him that he was able to overcome and get elected.
  • Let’s agree that Trump is not a “polished” politician and frankly many are sick of the slick willys of the past. He will make what this opponents will characterize as massive missteps….but are they really all that much different that other missteps of presidents of the past?
  • Let’s agree that the media in vastly over-weighted to the Left. “Journalists” in this country are over 90% Left and Far-Left Democrats….so getting balanced reporting is nearly impossible.
  • Let’s also agree that “journalism” is dead. For me, the news should be about reporting facts. However, as the president of the White House Press Association was quoted…..”our role is to hold elected officials accountable”. I always thought that was the responsibility of the electorate!
  • Let’s agree that Washington DC (where most of our Federal Govt organizations are headed), is 94% Democratic. Do you think this community is going to support ANY Republican president? This truly is “the swamp”.
  • Let’s also agree that perpetuating the hysteria over “Russia-gate” is hurting our country and our national security. Gosh…if the Russians did manipulate anything….they sure got everything they hoped for….a totally hysterical and dysfunctional US population. The Russia thing will be figured out…..but time for these politicians to get to work for US….and stop playing games.
  • Finally, let’s agree that most in the intel community are doing good work on our behalf….but it’s clear that they have been lead poorly. It is riddled with leakers…..Loretta Lynch clearly and inappropriately showed her support for Clinton…..and until recently….almost all in DC think Comey overstepped in many many ways.

So my advice to those that want to hang all problems on TRUMP….stop and think that the problems coming to the surface now….go much deeper and much further back than 100 days of a Trump presidency.