Someone please name one campaign promise that tRump has kept.
Linda Fish

There is so much hate here… I will ask just one question from your comments. What “right and freedom” have you lost since Trump came into office.

I know you want to believe he is Hitler or Mussolini. All of the wild accusations you outline are based on feelings and have no basis in facts.

Understand that like the past 250 years of our republic that the tides will shift….and the leader you favor will get into power……and it will shift back a few years later. THAT is what makes our system work. HOWEVER, the Trump haters must understand that all of the rotten tomatoes you have thrown…..will come back twice as fast and twice in number…..and you will deserve it all!

BTW….I did not vote for HRC or Trump…..but I am sickened by all of the poor irrational behavior of some folks.

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