An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Are you seriously asking for money here? That is the most vile and tacky thing on the planet. You trashed the company you worked for.

You don’t deserve a dime of anyone else’s money. Go get a job at Starbucks. I’m seriously so grossed out by the fact that is leaving the links up instead of allowing this girl to learn her own lessons in life.

There’s no shame in waitressing or working in retail. I went to a very well-known music school in Boston, which isn’t cheap, and graduated just as the music industry tanked. So there I was, a person with a degree in Music Business/Manegment, with no job, moving across the country to marry a soldier who was deploying only weeks after our wedding with nothing.

I ended up working at an Apple store until I was having trouble with my joints and was in constant pain. I discovered I had a rare genetic disease, which we then discovered was what killed my father and his father, so I couldn’t work anymore. Disability keeps denying me benefits, and my husband is no longer in the military. We pay over $400 in medications and doctors to keep me alive and in less pain.

But you know what I don’t do? I don’t ask strangers for money… I do what I can for money (I am a photographer, model, and artist). If I can find a way to earn here and there, you can work as a waitress or a barista. Places like that are always hiring. There’s a bar downtown where I live that’s had a “cocktail waitress wanted: must have a clue” sign in the window for over a year now, and yet the position stays empty because people like you think they’re “too good” for jobs like this. Take what you can get and don’t bitch about it where your boss can see it.

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