Bhainsrorgarh Fort: A jewel on Chambal

Barn swallows are making rounds above our heads in the courtyard of Bhainsrorgarh Fort. They are at ease and at home just the way we are within the Fort, which is a living fort, home to a population of five thousand. It perches itself on an ancient rock uniquely overlooking the river Chambal, which sweeps past the region with its clear waters and maneuvers itself through the valley.

A section of Fort overlooking river Chambal

Villages are nestled along the river as its makes way through this green and fertile part of Rajasthan. A sweeping view and you could experience the land beyond which is enshrouded by the forest offering a reflective and meditative gaze. The story of Bhainsrorgarh though goes beyond the topography as the Fort finds itself seeped in history and has weathered many a storms to become a symbol of the region. The impregnable fort was built by Rawat Lal Singh (Second son of Rawat Kesri Singh of Salumber) who was granted this jagir (feudal land) by Maharana Jagat Singh — II of Mewar (Udaipur) in 1741 A.D

Bhainsrorgarh during monsoons
Rawat Inder Singh ji

Bhainsrorgarh though came to prominence much earlier when Maharaja Rao Chunda, the much loved Rajput warrior during medieval times in land of Rajputana ( or currently Rajasthan) abdicated the throne of Mewar and after a prolonged history that comprised of conspiracy, royal battles and bloodsheds between kingdoms finally settled his heart and soul at Bhainsrorgarh .Here he established his own clan, the CHUNDAWATS and his jagir comprised of Bhainsrorgarh & Begun which were later divided into two different Jagirs. The Chundawats remained the leading clan of Mewar and became a powerful force in the kingdom.

Crossing the Chambal

For us, the fort offers a brilliant bird ‘s eye view of Chambal river on which we will take a boat ride, head past the hanging bridge and hopefully encounter wildlife and serenity of the land.

An early morning landscape: Chambal, Bhainsrorgarh Fort and Hanging bridge.
River Chambal from the Fort

Bhainsrorgarh Fort is easily accessible by road .The team of the Fort/Heritage Hotel is extremely warm and offers not only stay and delightful home cooked local recipes but will also share their history and offer travel notes from the region.One can also check the nearby villages, ancient Baroli temples and the lake where various birds could be sighted .