Dussehra in Delhi: A photographer’s perspective

On any other day of the year Titarpur is just another busy locality in bustling suburb of Rajouri Garden in West Delhi. But for a period of month when there’s a frenetic activity of building Ravanas for Dusshera . The effigies built cater to demand for the whole of country.

Effigies stand tall in New Delhi

It usually takes a team of ten to twenty five people to make an effigy . The sizes vary from 20 to 100 ft with average height being sixty feet and tallest one at two hundred feet. Bamboo, Saree, cloth, glazed paper ,tar,gum are usually the resources used for making such an effigy . Queries and demand come for Ravana, Megnath, Kumbhkaran and others though the most is Ravana himself.

Modern day Lord Hanuman

Enactment of Ramleela. Victory of Good over Evil.

The day of effigy burning is quite a visual delight and unique proposition in itself .Hordes of people gather in the evening for the build up the event . A fan fare is ensued starting with modern depiction of Ramleela and victory of good over evil. As a photographer based in New Delhi one looks forward to festival of Dussehra in Delhi which is an annual event. Ravana it seems taken an image look ever and now is a cult figure in our minds.

Streets of Titarpur, New Delhi,2015

Crowds at the event ,Dussehra,2015