Instagram : Views and Reviews ?

Recently joined ‪#Instagram‬ . After a few months I have realised the following

a) Instagram is less about photography and more about Instagramming .

b) There are handles which have accumulated followers by posting images from other users . Many of them have no immediate concern on quality of content ,but rather a liking for adding followers to get sponsorship queries .

Street in Bangalore,India

c) People are repeating the same content and mostly its landscape ,pretty pictures that does the job . Sunsets, Sunrises, Mountains , Rivers etc work.

A floating vegetable market in Srinagar

d) Many times handles just use the images without even checking for rights and all.

e) If you already have a social network through facebook ,it would help to add followers .

f) If you started early on Instagram, chances of you having followers in initial stages would be more than if you start now .

Old and New. People view Drone for the first time at ghat of Vrindavan.

These are just observations . I do wish I had joined the platform earlier. Through Instagram ,I do have been able to connect with some very interesting folks far and wide similar interest or passion . It is a discovery platform and hashtags help ( there’s a debate on should one have many hashtags on their post or not ? — I am pro hashtags since its all about discoverability and makes one no less to have them on one’s post)

In case one is curious ,my handle could be seen at

What’s your take ?