Adventures of Mooman: Ep 02 - The Vanishing Chariot of Hampi

A cow that was abducted by aliens returns to earth with superpowers to fight crime and injustice.

Rashtriya Gau Rakshak Dal

Head office of Rashtriya Gau Rakshak Dal (National Cow Protection Party)

All the senior leaders of the party had assembled for a general body meeting.

“What do you have to say about this?” asked the Party Head Sharmaji addressing his fellow party members who were sitting around the big conference table, he was pointing to the newspaper lying in front of him, the headline read “Mooman saves Capital City”.

“Amazing,” reacted a member from across the room. “Truly amazing how far she has come.”

“What is so amazing about this?” asked Sharmaji sternly, looking directly at the member who had just answered him.

The member was taken aback but quickly put his head down avoiding his leader’s gaze.

Sharmaji regained his composure as he spoke again, “Cows are supposed to be protected and that is why we are here, to teach everyone a lesson who don’t respect and worship our holy cows.” He pointed to the newspaper as he continued, “But this cow has become a nuisance. If cows start protecting others then doesn’t that beat the whole purpose of our existence.”

Stone Chariott, Vittala Temple Complex, Hampi

Hampi, Karnataka, India

Mooman looked around at the grand Vittala Temple Complex of Hampi. The amazing architecture and craftsmanship mesmerized her as she explored the 15th-century monuments. She had flown in directly into the complex as instructed by the Tourism Minister of Karnataka. He had sounded very worried on the phone, he had asked her to meet him at the complex after the visiting hours.

She then heard whistles blowing as security guards ran into the complex in her direction.

“It’s okay, I am here to visit the minister.” said Mooman, raising her hoofs signaling at the guards that she was unarmed.

The guard leading the group just ran passed her, she turned around to look where he was going.

“What have you done?” asked the guard as he searched for something.

She then looked at a signpost the guard stood next to, it read “The Stone Chariot of Vittala Temple”. However, there was no chariot in sight.

The guards surrounded her with their guns pointing in her direction. Just then a large entourage of policemen entered the complex with a minister in white robes at their helm. “Arrest this abomination.” he cried.

“Minister, what’s going on?” Mooman asked. “You asked me to meet you here.”

“I invited you to meet me in my office so we could discuss the dangerous rise in the Tungabhadra river and if you could help us out with that.” The minister replied. “But you seem to have some ulterior motives. What have you done with the chariot?”

Tungabhadra River, Hampi

“Just because I am a cow, that doesn’t mean you will question me if a chariot goes missing,” Mooman answered back her pink udders dangling furiously.

“That Chariot must have weighed easily more than 100 tons. Only someone with superpowers could have done it.” The Minister accused.

As soon as the minister finished his statement Mooman’s horns started glowing red.

The startled Police Commissioner who was present with the entourage asked Mooman. “What’s going on here? Where is the chariot and what’s up with your horns?”

Mooman just turned in the direction of the missing chariot and let out a long Mooooooooo. A big projector screen fluttered away along with its support system exposing the Stone Chariot.

The Minister looked around nervously as he tried to sneak out. Mooman quickly grabbed his leg with her tail and dragged him in the center. “Here is your culprit Commissioner, he can answer your first question.”

The Commissioner looked at her with awe, “But how did you realize it was an illusion?”

“Mr. Commissioner,” Mooman answered. “You must have heard how the aliens experimented on me and ended up giving me superpowers.” The Commissioner nodded.

“However, the aliens also enhanced some of my existing powers,” Mooman smirked. “You see before I was abducted I use to live on a farm with a lot of other domestic animals and even back then I was always good at detecting bullshit.”


Sketch created by Hannah Johnson

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