Parallels: The Crisis in Greece to the Collapse of the Philadelphia Phillies

There are 2 major crises that concern me today. The first crisis that has my attention is the ongoing and systematic financial collapse of Greece. The uncertainty inside this country is bad for business, world stock markets and the 11 million citizens that live in Greece.

The second crisis I’ve written about, ad nausem, is the ongoing collapse of the Philadelphia Phillies. Have you looked at the MLB standings lately? The Phillies are 27–50 in the NL East. That’s good for last place and 15.5 games behind the first place Nationals.

This is the dreaded dead period time of year in sports. The NBA and NHL seasons have ended. Football is still weeks away. All I have left is baseball.

For your reading enjoyment…….Our top-rated sports analytics research team has found many parallels to the current financial crisis in Greece and the downward spiral of the great Philadelphia Phillies empire.

— — — — — —

Greece: The country of Greece is in the midst of a major financial system collapse that has been ongoing for 5 years.

Phillies: The Phillies are in the midst of an epic 5-year losing collapse.

— — — — — — -

Greece: The government of Greece closed all of its banks today and imposed capital controls that could force the country out of the euro.

Phillies: The general manager of the Phillies (yes, Rueben Amaro Jr.) has depleted the farm system with horrible trades and horrific player development.

— — — — — — –

Greece: Economists say they cannot think of a time when a developed country (Greece) with an open economy dropped out of a shared currency and set up its own new money.

Phillies: Baseball experts say the collapse of the Phillies the past 5 years is unprecedented and rightly voted their farm system as one of the worst in baseball.

— — — — — — –

Greece: The Financial Times blame Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras for the current crisis. Tsipras misjudged the public mood by making a last-ditch effort calling for a voter referendum on whether to accept the terms of a bailout deal from the eurozone.

Phillies: General Manager, Rueben Amaro Jr., made a last-ditch effort to keep his job. Unfortunately for him, he misjudged and insulted the fans when he said, “fans don’t understand the game”.

— — — — — —

Greece: To fix the country’s problem, outside European countries must come in and provide aid.

Phillies: To fix the team’s problem, outside baseball executives must come in and clean house.

— — — — — — –

Greece: Some people say that if Greece leaves the eurozone it wouldn’t be a catastrophe.

Phillies: Ryne Sandberg left the Phillies (he officially resigned) and the sun came up the next day.

— — — — — —

What will happen next?

Greece: A news conference has been scheduled for tonight. The betting is that Europe and Greece will find a way to resolve this mess and survive.

Phillies: Stay tuned as the Phillies have “news” to announce at a 2:30PM press conference today.

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