How To Impress Your Mom for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day: the one day that forces snot-nosed little brats like you and me to finally acknowledge the wonderful, living-breathing saints that are our mothers. To be honest, we should be worshipping the ground they live on everyday, whether your mom is tough and uncompromising like Baltimore Mom, or Mother Teresa (who, while not a mom, earned this honorary title through her selfless good work despite having no biological imperative to do so [LIE: she earned it after taking her final vows]).

What better way to show your ever-so-forgiving mother that you’re an adult capable of surviving?

Well, duh, you cook for her!

Whether you’re in high school, in your 30’s or even have grandkids of your own, nothing says you can handle yourself more than being able to cook a halfway decent meal. It’s time to show your mom that you’ve upgraded from the burnt toast and scrambled-eggs-with-eggshells in bed.

And then you left the pan in the sink for her to clean, because you are the devil.

From levels of slightly-better-than-burnt to I’m-a-Michelin-star-chef-look-how-awesome-I-am, here are some recipes that are perfect for Mother’s Day:

Scrambled Eggs and Toast

It sounds easy, but it’s not. Not if you do it RIGHT (but yes, it’s easier than most of this list, try not to screw it up). You have to make sure the eggs are fluffy, and the toast is perfectly crunchy. Remember to serve with a flower.

Too good to make scrambled eggs? Can you do that? No I didn’t think so.

Peanut Butter Bars

Sort of a nontraditional Mother’s Day recipe, but it’s one of my favorite snacks, and everybody loves Reese’s. These are even better, since you can choose the ingredients and make it healthy as well as awesome. You don’t even need to bake! Shape them into a heart and you’re set.

Let’s be honest, mom’s an excuse. You’ll have a secret stash for yourself, and I can’t blame you. If she gets a few, it counts!

Eggs Benedict

We’re getting a little fancier now. Just a little upgrade. For this you gotta use a double boiler (if you’re making the sauce), and shape the eggs perfectly. This will definitely impress your mom as long as you do it right. Yes, you need to put in vegetables. Yes, Canadian bacon is a must (unless you’re going with salmon). Good job getting this right Canada.

Yeah I stared at this picture for a good minute and now I’m hungry.

Apple Pie

Heard about Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie? Time to return the favor. Show your mom that you’ve been paying attention, not just by eating delicious pies. For this you need to bake, roll your own crust (don’t cheat; yeah I’m looking at you), and accurately measure the ingredients. If you want to be extra awesome, variations on this include Apple Pie Fries, Apple Tart. Don’t forget the ice-cream.

Yeah, fries and apple pie. What.


Ever complained about your mom’s meatloaf? Well, you ungrateful jerk, now you can try and make your own, because it’s HARD. Super hard, that’s why it’s on the end of this list. Mine ended up in a soggy mess of eggs and broken dreams. But maybe you can do better. Don’t forget the homemade gravy.

This picture reminds me of failure and makes me angry. And then hungry. Work needs to be over.

Can’t do any of the above? Sure you can. Download SideChef, silly. All the recipes are on the app!

— Arthur Li, SideChef team member

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