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At SideGigs, we believe in getting things done. And to ensure you get paid for providing service in literally anything you can think of, we look at pet service category.

Today’s busy life schedule means that many pet owners are constantly looking for professional pet services like pet sitting, dog walking, cat sitting and dog grooming to ensure their pets have a great time. What this means is that you can make extra income by offering professional pet services to pet owners in your local area. You can get hired as a freelancer by pet owners through SideGigs so you can pet-sit or provide other pet services to make money.

Pet sitting involves caring for a pet in its own home while the owner is away. Normally, pet service providers come to pet’s home and provide pet services such as exercise, companionship, pet boarding and more.

Pet boarding, in particular, is a type of pet service where one operates dog-friendly kennels to give dogs a safe and secure place to live while their owners are away. If you live in an area where there’s high demand for pet services expect to pocket up to $3000 per month as a freelancer providing dog-walking or other pet services on SideGigs.

The most important aspect of any pet service is you should be ready to care for the pet as your own. While pet sitting, you’ll have to play and feed the pets to ensure they’re having a great day. You can offer pet services include cat, puppies, caged pet, dogs, and kitties.

How to offer pet services on SideGigs

Finding a professional, reliable pet service is the major priority of every pet owner. As a freelancer on SideGigs, you build a stream of serious income by providing pet sitting and dog walking services. To help you enhance your pet service profile and boost your earnings on SideGigs here’s what to do:

· Explain clearly what pet service you offer. SideGigs allows you to provide pet service on several categories such as cat sitting, dog walking, dog grooming, pet sitting and more.

· Tell your customers what makes you a standout pet sitter and include details of your pet sitting knowledge and experience.

· Offer additional services such as overnight visits and specialty services

· Provide excellent service to help you generate glowing pet service reviews and build your business

Join hundreds of professional pet sitters and dog walkers

SideGigs gives you the opportunity to offer pet services including pet sitting and dog walking to thousands of pet owners in search of pet services. If you have a personal or professional experience caring for pets, you could make lots of money by doing what you love.

SideGigs is a streamlined, affordable and easy to use platform for freelancers to offer their services, earn extra income and expand their business networks.

Simply create an account, post your gig and see the customers trickle in. Choose your own schedule so you can work when and where you want. Download SideGigs mobile app to start pet service freelancing today.

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