#MakeFuckGreatAgain! In defence of the F word.
Abheek Talukdar

Everybody’s blowing smoke up your ass, but nobody’s willing to engage you in a real conversation. What a great, conservative crowd! Don’t you just feel great?

Let me address some of the issues.

  1. Why is the word fuck a taboo? Well, it’s not because people are stupid, it’s mostly because using it won’t get you anywhere. It leads to negative results, so people won’t use it rationally. You use that in a job interview, you’re probably not going to get the job (unless you’re applying for a porn position). People don’t use fuck because they’ve discovered, through trial and error, that it gets them nowhere. The kinds of people that use that word are either children who will rebel against anything (but so do they rebel against work, and they come to regret it at some point in life), or low-life subcultures which, again, have mostly negative long-term expectations. People don’t use fuck in everyday interactions if they want what’s best for themselves and their own interest.They will use it when they lose their temper, which is what happens to most curse words. People who love to use fuck every other word are either extremely young or they want to show off. Oh, and they may use if they’ve already got an established position, and they don’t give a damn about the other person is thinking — for instance, a boss talking to a subordinate (in which case you could also say the boss is not acting to the best of his/her interest — but that’s a different discussion).
  2. On the professor pretending to not hear it — that was for your own good, and it also shows how lame he/she is. You’re probably breaking the University laws. Good job on trying to make yourself look cool — you did try hard to impress us.
  3. On having sex — the words having sex are not taboo. Using them too often, however, shows that you’re probably a bit too much concerned with the act itself, which, by all standards, doesn’t reflect well on yourself, and doesn’t lead to positive outcomes, either. Why would you want to say have sex 6 times per sentence? What are you, 5? Don’t you think content matters more than fps?
  4. On the versatility of fuck. Having a word for all emotions is not a good sign. That’s what the verbally disabled do, or animals, for that matter. Cows have a beautiful sound that covers absolutely everything; it’s all-seeing, all-knowing, all-feeling. It doesn’t make them great, does it? Using fuck for all your feelings, just like using any one cookie-cutter solution for a variety of problems, shows only that you’re limited.
  5. On you being an introvert — congrats on rolling that trendy wave of “introversion is hip”. Another attempt at seeming cool. Note taken.
  6. Nobody’s really stopping you from saying fuck, anyways. What are you afraid of? Do you want to be applauded for saying it? That’s probably not going to happen, simply because you come across as an insensitive asshole. People don’t like insensitive assholes. That doesn’t mean they’ll shoot you for saying fuck. What exactly is it that you want?
  7. Why campaign? Do you know the success of anti-drugs campaigns in schools? A nation-wide campaign supporting the use of the word fuck will probably get you all hip sheepsters rallied behind it, but it will likely make most of the rest of the population use the word even less.
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