There’s a word for it…
Dave Pell

They’re not euphemisms, they’re media turn of phrases to get people to read articles. That’s because CNN, The Washington Post and The New York Times are businesses focusing on people reading their stuff.

But you know that. Stop pretending you don’t.

Trump Lied is average. Trump Earned Four Pinocchios (or whatever else the article used) is strong.

And it still means Trump lied. It’s not that it didn’t, in the first place — it’s really that you wanted to whine about it, isn’t it?

What should worry you is not that Trump said people voted illegally — it’s that you’re still stuck at thinking that there ever was a “truth” era.

Get a hold of the world. Every politician lied, from the beginning of times. If you want to award Pinnochios, each and every one of them should get plenty.

You know that. Stop pretending you lived in Fairyland up to 11/9, and all of a sudden you’ve been thrown in a lying hell hole.

But you won’t, because you feel good about it. Pretending you’re a fairy who all of a sudden wakes up buttfucked by the bad fascists feels good, doesn’t it?

And it feels good mostly because by blaming others for lying, you automatically associate yourself with truth.

It’s all about self-righteously pointing the finger, isn’t it?

Why not point it the most obvious way?

Heck, if Trump won four Pinnochios, Hillary must have won the entire forest, Gepetto and Carlo Collodi included.

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